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Home grow set for 1-3 plants

Home grow set for 1-3 plants

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This vertical planting kit provides a balance between aesthetics and functionality. The full-spectrum spotlight both displays your plants to their greatest effect and also allows for rapid growth. Grow plants in compact spaces without natural daylight using this hydroponic system. With app-controlled lighting and pumping, you can completely automate plant care. Just mix fertilizers into the reservoir at the base, and let our home growing kit do the rest.

This is our hydroponic home growing system for growing one, two, or three plants at once.

  • Simple to set up and use.
  • Great for bringing greenery into locations lacking sunlight.
  • Displays your plants to their maximum effect.
  • Set automated lighting and aeration schedules using your smartphone.
  • Well suited to home growing cannabis and tomatoes.
  • Includes full-spectrum grow-lamp.
  • Standard European 'type F' plug.
  • Only 80cm x 30cm

This system uses a hydroponic technique known as a 'deep water culture'. The plants float in a raft with their roots submerged in a nutrient solution (fertilizers mixed into water). Air is pumped through this solution to keep it oxygenated. This technique is an exceptionally efficient way of growing plants, as nutrients are easily available to the roots.

This home growing set was developed by Dr James Whitehead, a plant scientist and urban ecologist. It allows home growing to occur in small homes, even if access to daylight is limited. The lamp is a 15W focussed spotlight grow-lamp. This provides plants with the necessary light to grow, without causing excess glare into the room. It was chosen after running tests with multiple different lamps, and was selected due to its efficiency and warm hue of light. The lampshade is completely our own design, and is delivered in a flat-pack form. The flaps on the front can be used to dim the grow-lamp if desired.

The coconut-fibre back panel is functional; it protects the wall from any oils secreted by the plant, and is also a substrate to wire the plant to for support.

The reservoir contains an air-pump which cycles air through the nutrient solution. This hydroponic growing technique provides the plants with easy access to the nutrients they need without having to invest in growing large root networks. The plants can therefore invest more into growing leaves, flowers and fruits. The pump does not have to be on permanently, so the small amount of noise it makes can be scheduled to only be present at convenient times using the app.

This home growing kit is the perfect gift for home growing enthusiasts, or people that lack a 'green thumb' and want a simple way of making a vertical garden in their home or office.

This home grow set is an aesthetic alternative to using a growbox and is designed to balance functionality and aesthetics when growing a range of plants.

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