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Home grow set for 10 plants with fertilizers (hard water)

Home grow set for 10 plants with fertilizers (hard water)

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The home growing set with everything you need to get stared growing your own herbs and veggies vertically! A great way of using vertical space in your home to make a vertical garden.

This bundle contains:

1x Home grow set for 10 plants with grow lamp

1x TerraAquatica TriPart Grow 0.5L

1x TerraAquatica TriPart Bloom 0.5L

1x TerraAquatica TriPart Micro (hard water) 0.5L

Our system for growing ten herbs at once.

  • Simple to assemble and use.
  • Displays your plants to their maximum effect.
  • Set automated watering and lighting schedules using your smartphone.
  • Well suited to growing common vegetable and herbs including: lettuce, radish, basil, chamomile, peppermint, large-leafed cress, parsley, coriander and oregano.
  • Uses a pump to intermittently provide a nutrient solution to plants.

This hydroponic growing kit uses a pump to intermittently cycle water through a series of pipes, dampening a substrate for herbs and vegetables to grow in. It is both a way of producing healthy food and an attractive interior design feature for a kitchen or living room. The hydroponic fertilizers provided are mixed into the reservoir, and the system takes care of the everything else.

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