Buying cannabis seeds

Buying cannabis seeds

From Royal Queen Seeds, to Sensi seeds, there are some great cannabis seed companies out there, however, whilst these companies sell to home growers across Europe, their locations in Spain and the Netherland is what allows them to operate.

I was recently at the Mary Jane cannabis-industry expo in Berlin and was fortunate to meet a lawyer there who specialised in the current law relating to the sale of cannabis seeds here in Germany. I had been hoping to get some legal clarification on stocking seeds in the MyGreenWindow store and potentially even find a wholesaler. Alas, I was informed that the only legal way to sell seeds would be to make a Cannabis club, and to sell to the members. Whilst this is something I would consider in time, the bureaucracy entailed is currently not appealing.

As such, we at MyGreenWindow have decided to create a non-exhaustive list of weed seed sellers here in Europe. We recommend using dwarf varieties of cannabis for our 1-3 plant growing system, and can attest to the Royal Dwarf from Royal Queen Seeds working well in our system.

We do not specifically endorse these sellers, and this list is not ranked. Let us know if you think there are any we are missing.

Barney's Farm

Sweet Greens

Nasha Genetics

Wunderbaum Expert

Dutch Passion

Euphoria Trade

Girls Seeds

Seed Stockers

Indras Planet

Growers Choice

Seeds Genetics

Weed (Germany based so login required)

Amsterdam Seed Center

Ganesha Seeds

Bulk Alice Seeds (login required)

Dos Manolos (order via email)

Royal Queen Seeds


Green House Seeds

Pocket farms

Purple City Genetics


Frosty Farms

Linda Seeds

Exotic Seed


Blimburn seeds (some red flags being raised on Reddit)

Anesia Seeds

The Attitude Seed Bank


Silent Seeds


Super Strain Seeds

Old School Genetics

Seed farm

Paradise seeds


Sensi Seeds

Delicious Seeds

Doctors Choice

Bulk Breeders


Tiger One

Chamber Genetics

Humboldt Seed Company

Crassula Group

Ripper Seeds



Grow Island

Pyramid Seeds

Archive Seeds

Serious Seeds

Let us know using our contact form if there are any cannabis seed shops we are missing, or if you would like to let us know about any issues you have with the cannabis seed suppliers we have included.

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